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Design a Fulfilling Retirement

Transition to Your Encore Years with Confidence

Why Choose Ann Gilbert Strategies?

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You are retiring!  I established Ann Gilbert Strategies because I understand that retirement can be a daunting transition. I am here to help you design a fulfilling retirement that meets your unique needs and desires. My professional coaching will guide you through the end of your career and the beginning of your encore years. What will you do in retirement? Let's find out.

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Retirement Coaching Programs

Our retirement coaching programs are designed to help you achieve a fulfilling retirement. We offer a range of services to meet your unique needs, including:

Retirement Planning

Introduction Q & A

So you have some time?

What is next for you? Make a 20- minute appointment to see if our expectations are aligned. I will lay out how our sessions are designed to help you create a plan that works for you. You will help me understand what you hope to accomplish through retirement coaching. Transparency is my motto.

Retirement Road Map

Spend an hour

Want to schedule a session? Once we have had a free introduction you can purchase a 50-minute coaching call for $150.00

We will create a plan through conversation, assessments, books, ideas and a hearty exchange. Your customized plan takes into account your unique goals. Will you find a new activity? Increase your social power? Design a new career?

Retirement Blueprint

Commit to a program

You may opt for a comprehensive six-week plan that includes taking a real look at your opportunities. We can use tools like: The Retirement Wellness Workbook, Retirement Perception quiz, Couples Retirement Assessment, Retirement Readiness Checklist, Retirement Transition Wheel, Thriving in Retirement Worksheet and more. 

Set your course!

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Ann Gilbert


My name is Ann Gilbert

As a Certified Retirement Coach with a background in sales and coaching, I am passionate about helping people make good decisions for themselves and those they influence. With people living longer healthier lives than ever before, retirement reflection is a whole new ball game. No matter your retirement portfolio, I can help you explore all the options available to you. Let's work together to make your next best years the most fulfilling they can be.

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Success Stories

“AnnGilbert Strategies helped me navigate the challenges of retirement and create a plan that meets my unique needs and desires. I highly recommend their retirement coaching services.”

Seth Burton

Contact Ann Gilbert Strategies to learn how we can help you design a fulfilling retirement.

Danville, California

 415-987-5705 Leave a text. We will talk soon.

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